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New Harbor's investment style can be characterized as "Value with a Future." The diagram below depicts the statistically cheap value style on the left side and the extreme growth style on the right. Both of these styles can be implemented with quantitative investment approaches. The bell-shaped curve represents human judgment. On the portion of the curve right of the center, there are "growth at a reasonable price" investors. On the curve left of the center is New Harbor, representing what we call "Value with a Future" -- companies that are not only attractively priced but also with improving fundamentals.

Value With A Future

We believe that statistically cheap value investors depend on strong economic conditions to support their holdings in banks and cyclical stocks. Extreme growth investors similarly depend on a strong economy to provide the liquidity that buoys their momentum stocks. Both of these extreme styles depend on "New Era" thinking, which denies the possibility of economic cycles and recessions. We do not accept "New Era" thinking; we are conscious of economic risks while implementing our investment process.

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